Understand customer needs and provide customized services

We use international talent and a specific customer exclusive team to use all of RayVal experience to serve our customers.

First - class EMS company background and experience

Most managers have first-class EMS background and experience, including but not limited to China and North America.

Strategic focus

We focus on specific industries and improve our service capabilities by acquiring state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and efficient supply chain networks.

Complete quality commitment

ISO9000/ TS 16949

Localized price/lean optimization

Compared with any Tier 1 company, the localization operation means we have the lowest management cost. In addition, we focus on implementing the philosophy of lean production and will create efficiency as a priority to ensure the minimum cost of services for our customers.

Leading manufacturing capacity

In addition to the current production of industrial products, automobile, medical products, communication system, in the field of new energy and other products, we continue to invest the most advanced production technology to expand our on the manufacturing capacity at the top of electronic processing and manufacturing level.

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