Each of customers will have a project team led by a senior leader to guide experts from various fields to ensure the best service to customers.

Our customer exclusive team (CFT) includes the following experienced professionals:

  • Sales Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Program Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Testing Engineer
  • Production Control
  • Buyer
  • Material Planner

In addition to the master in their respective fields, our customers exclusive team members for bundled in office area, barrier-free circulation in the team and to ensure that the information fast, make the right decision. Matrix system enable every customer to be able to quickly and convenient to contact each member of his team, and that each member is given enough power to make relevant decisions and through the implementation of the decision to solve customer problems or proposed. At the same time, the matrix system can ensure necessary communication channels between the project manager within the company to fully solve any possible problem, it also simplifies our between the communication with customers. Each customer's exclusive team is set up to optimize customer satisfaction and promote unilever's long-term goals:

Our customer exclusive team (CFT) includes the following functions:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Engineering Support
  • Production scheduling
  • Document Control
  • Quality Management
  • Customer report

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